Merlins Over Malta News

January 2008

We are pleased to announce that Merlins Over Malta have handed over the remaining funds left over from the project to the following organisations.

  • Flying Scholarships for the Disabled

  • The Mark Hanna Research Fellowship

  • Children in Need

  • Malta Aviation Museum

The Merlins Over Malta team (Clive, Linda, Glenn, Howard, Derek and Vic) would like to thank everyone for support they offered us over the life time of the project


June 2007

Roundel Productions are pleased to announce that their critically acclaimed Merlins Over Malta DVD is being released in a Special Edition form.

It is available for £10.00 + £2.00 P&P

To order your copy of the DVD, please visit the Roundel Productions website -

April 2007

Due to high quantities of SPAM emails being received, we have shut down the and email addresses.  To contact the team, please use the email webform that can be located in the "Contact Details" page of this site.

March 2007

We are pleased to announce that we have now sold all of our Merlins Over Malta DVDs.  Roundel Productions, the team behind the very successful Merlins Over Malta DVD have taken over responsibility for the DVD.  If you have not yet had the change to purchase a copy, you can register your interest with Roundel Productions.  Please click here to register your interest.

We would like to thank everybody that has purchased one of our DVDs

August 2006

The Merlins Over Malta DVD Update

The DVD is now being pressed and we will take delivery of the final product on Friday 1st of September. We will begin the dispatch process this day, so we estimate that we will get them to the post office on Monday the 4th of September.

If you have not yet purchased a copy of the DVD, we will have them for sale on the Hurricane Society stand (opposite the Control Tower) at Duxford's Spitfire Air Show for £15.99. If you have already purchased your DVD and you are at the air show, you can also collect it from us at the Hurricane Society stand.

We apologise for the length of time spent producing the Merlins Over Malta DVD, but we hope you think the wait was worth it.

July 2006

The Merlins Over Malta DVD Update

The DVD is now in the final stages of production and the Merlins Over Malta plan to view the final product this week.  Once the DVD has been approved the final version will be sent to be pressed.  We are looking at 8 - 10 working days before we receive the completed DVD.  Be assured, once we are in procession of the DVD, we will start shipping them immediately.

An update will be posted here once the shipping process starts.

The Merlins Over Malta Corgi Collector Set update
The Merlins Over Malta team have released the final few collectors sets.  These sets were held as a source of spare parts, but now, as all our customers have received their orders, we are now in the position to sell them.

May 2006

The Merlins Over Malta DVD Update
Due to an increase in material for the DVD, the release date has been pushed back to allow for the editing of the extra footage.

Clive Denney says "We would rather delay the launch of the DVD and get it right than rush to get it ready for the 21st.  As with everything else that has been done on the project to date, the DVD is being produced on a voluntary basis and everyone is working as fast as they can with out compromising the quality of the end product".

We apologise for any inconvenience this will cause and we will release a new shipping date as soon as we can.  Keep visiting the site for further updates.

Footage will be available to view at the Hurricane Society stand at the AirSpace Air Show and orders for the DVD will be taken.

As a one off offer, any orders taken at the AirSpace Air Show will be signed by the Merlins Over Malta team. 

We will also have the last remaining Merlins Over Malta Corgi Collectors sets available at the show on Sunday.

The Merlins Over Malta DVD launches at Duxford's AirSpace Air Show
The Merlins Over Malta team are pleased to announce that the eagerly awaited DVD of the project will be launched at Duxford's AirSpace Air Show on May 21st.

The DVD, which is narrated by actor and aviator, Martin Shaw, follows the story of the Merlins project, that made the epic flight to return a Spitfire and Hurricane to Malta for the first time in over 50 years.

The DVD tracks the project from the very beginning and culminates with the events that took place in Malta last September. It includes the stunning arrival through Grand Harbour filmed from the onboard camera in the Spitfire. It also includes footage of the Malta International Air Show, the commemorative flypast at the War Memorial and the opening of the Air Battle of Malta Memorial Hangar and air-to-air footage filmed throughout the trip.

There are interviews with the team behind the project; the pilots, the owners of the aircraft, and with Muriel Pavlow, project supporter and star of Malta Story and Reach for the Sky.

The DVD will be available from the Hurricane Society stand (opposite the Control Tower) at the AirSpace Air Show.

For more details on the DVD, click here.


March 2006

Upcoming Merlins Over Malta talks

A big thank you goes to the Martlesham Heath Aviation Society. On the night of their talk, through donations and model sales, they raised an astounding total of £677.82 for the project! Thank you!

Friday 3rd March - Martlesham Heath Aviation Society
Clive Denney, Aircraft restorer and Display Pilot.
A debrief about the special flight over Malta of a Hurricane and Spitfire, commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the end of World War II, and Malta’s significant part in the conflict. Clive will talk about the team’s unusual experiences - on the way down, in Malta, and back to the U.K. (via France, Italy, and Sicily) - using video clips and other images.

For more information contact Howard King 01473 274300

Friday March 13th - Oxfordshire Aviation Group
Mr Clive Denney will be visiting us to talk about the Merlins Over Malta adventure last September
Venue...Marlborough Club, DIDCOT
No charge, but please drop a coin or two in Clive's direction in donation to the MoM cause.

Wednesday 12th April - London Society of Air-Britain
Merlins Over Malta - from Idea to Reality. Last year we heard of the efforts made by the team to raise the funds. Their success has been seen on TV and in the Aviation Magazines. Howard Cook and Clive Denney tell the full story of their achievement.


January 2006

Merlins Over Malta Illustrated lecture in Leeds
Merlins Over Malta pilot Flt Lt Charlie Brown is giving an illustrated lecture entitled “Merlins Over Malta” at Pudsey Civic Hall, Leeds at 19:30 on Friday 27th January. Tickets cost £7.00 in advance from Air Supply Aviation Store, 97 High Street, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7TA. Funds raised will be donated to the project.

December 2005

Corgi Dispatch Update
We have now started dispatching the corgi models.  If you have paid for your model it is on its way to you.  If you have placed an order but not yet paid, your set will be dispatched once your payment has cleared.

Please note that if you ordered more than one model they may not arrive together as the models were dispatched in two batches.

There are still around 50 sets available so if you are looking for an extra special Christmas present or you have decided that you would like another set, please let us know.

November 2005

Corgi Update
Things are looking very good for the packing and dispatching of the Merlins Over Malta Corgi sets this weekend (26th &27th November).  We hope to have all of them on their way to you on Monday.

Malta Spitfire looses the blue
The Historic Aircraft Collection's Spitfire BM597 has lost it's Malta blue paint scheme and has returned to it's original brown and green polish markings.
  Click here for a larger image...   Click here for a larger image...  

Merlins Over Malta DVD
Since our return from Malta we have had many enquiries about a possible DVD.  We are now pleased to confirm that we are working on the Merlins Over Malta DVD. 

Work is well  underway but we have not set a release date yet.  Everyone is working on it in their spare time and we do not wish to rush this product.

If you would like to register your interest in the DVD please email us and we will keep you up to date with our progress.

A Corgi Update
The Corgi "Merlins Over Malta" Collectors' sets have been delivered to the Merlins Over Malta team.  Everything, apart from the signed certificates is now in place to start the dispatch process.
  Click here to view the Merlins Over Malta Corgi models   Click here to view the Merlins Over Malta Corgi models  

The certificates are out with the Spitfire and Hurricane veterans being signed.  They are progressing well and we hope to have them back with us shortly.

We will contact everyone who has placed an order once the sets have been dispatched and we will post further updates on this website.

We apologise for the delay and thank you for your patience and support.

Gerald Coulson's Original "Merlins Over Malta" Painting
At the very start of the project, renowned aviation artist, Gerald Coulson kindly produced a special commission to support the Merlins Over Malta project.  As you are aware a limited edition print was produced from the original and has been selling well over the last year. 

Gerald Coulson's Original "Merlins Over Malta" Painting

This is a rare opportunity to own a Gerald Coulson original.  To register your interest please email us.

Merlins Over Malta Polo Shirts
We have had a new batch of Merlins Over Malta Polo Shirts produced.  These are now available from the Merlins Over Malta shop for £20.00 + P&P 


Click here to view the Merlins Over Malta Polo Shirts


October 2005

Important Corgi News
The Corgi "Merlins Over Malta" Collectors' sets have arrived in the UK. We are now waiting for them to be dispatched to us from Corgi. The certificates are with the veterans being signed so once we have all the elements of the set with us we will start to dispatch them.

We will contact everyone who has placed an order once the sets have been dispatched and we will post further updates on this website.

We apologise for the delay and thank you for your patience and support.

The Defenders at Duxford's Autumn Air Show
The story of the epic finale of the Merlins Over Malta project, which saw HAC’s Spitfire and Hurricane fly to Malta to commemorate Malta’s role in the war, is told today in Hangar 4 by the last Spitfire and Hurricane pilots to fly from Malta.

The HAC Spitfire and Hurricane will be performing a special flypast in the show today, following their safe return. This will be their first UK Air Show appearance as a pair in their Malta schemes.

Here is the timetable of events, so you can be sure not to miss this opportunity to listen to the stories first hand
10:00 Project leader and Hurricane pilot Clive Denney and Spitfire pilot Charlie Brown talk about their Merlins Over Malta adventure
11:00 Screening of footage from the Merlins Over Malta finale
12:00 Hurricane pilot and support aircraft crew Howard Cook talks about his Merlins Over Malta adventure
13:00 Screening of footage from the Merlins Over Malta finale
14:00 The pilots will be available for a signing session (subject to air show changes)
15:00 Screening of footage from the Merlins Over Malta finale

Photos, signings & meet the pilots and team, opportunities throughout the day

The Merlins Over Malta team will have their range of merchandise including the Corgi models and the Gerald Coulson "Merlins Over Malta" prints available to buy.

This event is supported by The Historic aircraft Collection Ltd

September 2005

“The Defenders are Coming!”
After over 60 years the islands of Malta will once again bear witness to the sight and sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin engined Spitfire and Hurricane as they will make their ‘Grand’ arrival through Grand Harbour on Thursday 22nd September at 6pm.

This sight and sound which has come at the end of a two year struggle by a small team of volunteers, to help pay tribute to the islands of Malta, its people and those from all over the world who helped to defend her in those dark days of the Second World War, has been described as ‘Emotional’.
  Click here for a larger image...  
The Spitfire and Hurricane on their way to Malta
  © Frank Marson/Merlins Over Malta  

As the two aeroplanes are positioned in Italy after their epic 10 hour flight from the UK a “Friendly Invasion” is underway with people from all over the world coming to pay tribute to the vital role played by Malta during the Second World War.

Funding for the trip has come from public donations and the sale of the commemorative Corgi Collectors Models, Project Leader Linda Denney explained. “Its not been easy the team have made several trips to Malta this year to secure promotional partnerships but sadly we have been let down on many occasions. We must however thank the Malta Tourism Authority and Nigel Petrie of Dedicated Micro’s who have given to help ensure the projects success. On the whole however we have been deeply dissapointed by the reception given to us by Malta’s top businesses”

“Despite this we truly hope that the people of Malta are looking forward to this weeks events, we would be overwhelmed to see the Bastions lined with Spectators as the ‘DEFENDERS’ arrive at 6pm on Thursday 22nd.”

To those on the islands that have given to help make this happen… be very proud!

For Media Enquires during the coming week please contact the Merlins Media and Public Relations Team.

The First And Last Reach For The Sky!
Collectors Edition sets Number 1 and 600 ‘Malta Bound’

Merlins Over Malta and The Diecast Aviation Forum and website are delighted to announce that Edition numbers 1 and 600 are to be made available to the general public… after they have flown to Malta inside the gun bays of Historic aircraft Collections Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane.
  Click here for a larger image...   Click here for a larger image...  

“Only 600 of the very unique and prestigious collectors sets have been produced and what better way to commemorate the event, than to send them to Malta on board the aeroplanes they represent” commented Mike Toone whose Diecast Aviation Forum and Website worked relentlessly in the design of the collectors edition.
  Click here for a larger image...   Click here for a larger image...  

“The collectors sets are truly unique. The first Corgi Aviation Archive release to incorporate real pieces of fabric taken from both the Spitfire and Hurricane as well as signatures from the 2005 pilots as well as 4 veteran pilots who helped defend Malta over 60 years ago. This coupled with a truly stunning box design incorporating Gerald Coulson's ”Merlins Over Malta” painting means these sets are fast selling and are sure to become highly collectable.”

Sets 1 and 600 will be made available in a closed bid auction. Visit or email your bid to

Please include your name address and contact number!

Very few collectors sets are still available priced at £99.00 plus P&P. Also selling out very quickly are the Limited Edition Legends series which retail for around £39.00

Sets 1 and 600 will feature a special certificate confirming their epic flight.

UK and Malta based CCTV specialists Dedicated Micro’s have generously supported the epic Merlins Over Malta project by sponsoring the very crucial function of the support aeroplane. A beautiful Cessna T303 ‘Crusader’ owned and operated by Roche Bentley from Cambridge Airport.

Piloted by Roche and Frank Marson the ‘Crusader’ G-ROCH has both the speed, performance and technology to support the iconic Spitfire and Hurricane back to the islands they helped defend over 60 years ago.

It was an 11th hour rescue as sponsorship for the original support aircraft had fallen through. Dedicated Micros boss Nigel Petrie whose business operates in both Malta and the United Kingdom stepped in with the necessary funds.

“Support aircraft is a vital aspect of the arduous route through Europe” explained Merlins pilot Howard Cook. “It has the ability to carry vital spares as well as a third pilot giving both Charlie Brown and Clive Denney the option to rest if needs be”

The Cessna T303 G-ROCH will accompany the two ‘Merlin’ powered fighters back to Malta.
  Click here for a larger image...  
  Cessna T303 G-ROCH  
  © Nick Blacow  

Project Leader Linda Denney quoted “We are extremely grateful to Dedicated Micros and Nigel Petrie for coming onboard at such short notice, and also to Roche Bentley for allowing us to take his aeroplane all the way to Malta. The role played by the Support aircraft is of Huge importance to the success of this project.”


The route to Malta has been published in the new "Flight Update" page of the website.  This page will follow the aircraft as they fly down to Malta.

Jersey International Air Show
HAC's Spitfire BM597 and Hurricane "Z5140" will be displaying in the Jersey International Air Show on Thursday 15th September 2005.

After the aircraft have displayed in Jersey, they will be departing to Malta, from "one Island occupied by the Germans to one that only just survived experiencing the same fate".

Duxford's Battle of Britain Air Show
Duxford's wet Battle of Britain Air Show was the public outing of BM597 in its blue Malta scheme.  Unfortunately due to the wet weather the aircraft did not fly and after being put away at the end of the display on Saturday it was decided to only bring it out again on the Sunday if the weather improved.  It didn't so the Spitfire remained in the warmth of the ARCo Hangar.  The hurricane flew on the Saturday and taxied for the crowd on Sunday.

Thank you to everyone for their best wishes over the weekend!

BM597 Turns Blue!
After spending the weekend displaying at the Biggin Hill International Air Fair BM597 flew into Marshall's Cambridge Airport to be transformed into a Maltese Spitfire.

  Click here for a larger image...  

BM597 in the paint shop at Cambridge


On Wednesday BM597 emerged from the paint shop wearing a new blue scheme. This scheme was applied to the Spitfires that sailed to Malta onboard the USS Wasp during Operation Calendar. For more details on the paint scheme look here.

August 2005

As you may have seen in FlyPast, we have announced that we are now going to Malta in September.  We have not quite reached our target for funding yet so we are still in fundraising mode.  The money we are now trying to raise covers the VAT we will have to pay.

The provisional dates for the trip have been published on the September 2005 page.  Keep looking here for all the details of what will be happening in the lead up to the trip and while we are on the island.

We started this project two years ago.  It has been a lot of hard work and we are almost there.  Thank you for all your help so far.  Now we need to start the final push!

Corgi Collectors' sets
We have had an overwhelming response to the Corgi Aviation Archive Merlins Over Malta Collectors Sets. If you were in two minds whether to order or not please, please order now!!!! These stunning commemorative sets will almost certainly increase in value once the event has taken place. Details can be found here on the Corgi shop page.

Merlins Over Malta Raffle
There is less than a month before the Merlins Over Malta CAF Air Show raffle is drawn. If you have not bought a ticket yet, please do. Details can be found on the Competition page.

July 2005

Malta Spitfire Fund Launched
To help raise the final funds needed, a "2005 Spitfire Fund" has been set up in Malta.  A poster campaign has started on the Island and donations can be sent to the Spitfire Fund at the Malta Aviation Museum.  Project supporter - Robin Brooks has kindly allowed us to reproduce the article he wrote for the August 2003 edition of FlyPast on the original Malta Spitfire Fund.  Click here to read the article.
Corgi Launches at Legends!
Merlins Over Malta, Corgi and the Diecast Aviation Web Site & Forum unveiled the pre-production models of the "Merlins Over Malta" set.
The Hurricane is wearing it's current scheme of 126 Squadron and the Spitfire is wearing the scheme of a Spitfire that flew from the USS Wasp during Operation Calendar in April 1942.
The "Collectors' Set" is currently available through the Diecast Aviation Web Site & Forum.  Click here for more details.
  Click here for a larger image...   Click here for a larger image...  
  Spitfire BM597   Hurricane Z5140  
  Click here for a larger image...  

The Merlins Over Malta pair





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