Merlins over Malta - the Defenders return to Malta 2005

The Merlins Over Malta project started back in 2003 when Vintage aircraft restoration specialists Vintage Fabrics completed the fabric and paint on the Malta Aviation Museum's Hawker Hurricane fuselage.  Clive, Linda and Andrew Denney had made a number of trips to Malta to work on the Hurricane and it was at a barbeque to celebrate the completion of the fuselage that Clive proposed the idea to take a flying Spitfire and Hurricane back to the fly over Malta, the island they defended in 1942/43. The comment "It would be a dream but it will never happen" was passed.  On returning to the UK, Clive approached Guy Black and Angus Spencer-Nairn to ask their permission (if they money were raised) to fly the Historic aircraft Collection's Spitfire and Hurricane back to Malta.  They agreed and at Duxford's 2003 Autumn Air Show the project team was assembled.

The project was launched in May 2004 at the "Merlins Over Malta Day" that we held at the Imperial War Museum

The aim of the project was to take back examples of the 'Defenders of the Islands', the 'Maltese Falcons', so they can again fly over the islands they once fought to save.

The Merlins Over Malta commitment was and still is that the team's time is given on a voluntary basis.  Any funds raised over the amount necessary for the Merlins Over Malta project are also proposed to be donated to the Malta Aviation Museum, the Hanna Surgical Research Fellowship and other selected charities.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Merlin Over Malta appeal or to find out how they can help in other ways should contact us at:
Merlins Over Malta
Rosemary Cottage
High Street
Telephone: +44 1376 550553

Fax: +44 1376 550553

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Information about the Merlins Over Malta project can be found through out this website. 



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